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Meet the team

The people that make it happen


Meet the Team

Chloe Goodall


Purveyor of puns. Scrabble boss. Football fanatic. Human spellcheck. Chef. I joined CUS because I wanted to work with an organisation that celebrates diversity of learning and encourages people to discover that learning is fun and fulfilling. This still motivates me today. I’m proud to be part of a team that is positive about learning new things. I laugh a lot, usually doing stuff outdoors: walking the dog, enjoying a beach barbecue, growing things, reading in the sun or on a camping trip. Otherwise, I’m probably in the kitchen. Cooking is really relaxing, singing along to tunes in my head, and I love sharing my creations with others. I lead on the CUS programme and advocacy strategy on wider learning to increase the quality and quantity of learning opportunities available to young people throughout Scotland.

Christine Norval


Full of questions. Aspiring star baker. Psychology nerd. I love to learn by going on adventures. I love hiking up mountains, exploring cities through the back streets and finding interesting places and people to learn from. I also love to learn through reading. I’m passionate about mental health and well-being, and since joining the team as an intern in 2016, I have developed an understanding of the transformative impact learning can have on well-being. I’m delighted to be part of a team that can support children to experience well-being through fun, accessible learning. My role at Children’s University Scotland is coordinating our learning offer, so our members can collect their CU credits and awards taking part in a varied, quality and most importantly fun range of learning opportunities. I also manage our social media channels and website, support volunteers and ensure our office and financial procedures run smoothly.



Joan McNeill 


Mum, music fan and lover of interior design. The “sporty spice of the team” and arguably the most competitive, I love all things sport and fitness and am a passionate advocate of the positive impact sports participation has on an individual’s overall health, wellbeing and skills development.

I love to travel, try new things and push myself out of my comfort zone – the best achievements are the ones we never thought we’d accomplish! As Head of Operations, my role is to make sure we have the best systems and processes in place to enable the provision of quality programmes that support and inspire children and young people in their love of learning.  

Neil Mathers


Avid learner, day dreamer, runner, coffee lover, reader and music fan. I’m curious about most things and love to learn through experience. I’m not all that competitive, but I do like giving myself big challenges to overcome. Even if I don’t succeed, I always gain so much from giving it a go. I am passionate about tackling inequality and defending children’s rights. So many children miss out on opportunities and experiences that could help transform their lives for the better. At Children’s University Scotland, I am so proud to work with an amazing group of people who are all dedicated to helping children to learn. In my role as chief executive, I lead our efforts to ensure that every child has the best chance of reaching their full potential.