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Children's University celebration events

Celebrating learning and recognising achievement

Introducing the Children's University graduation

A ‘grown-up’ event with children at its heart.

We hold our graduation ceremonies at real 'grown-up' universities. Children wear real caps and gowns as they step onstage to receive their awards and certificates. It’s a great day out for the children, their families, friends and teachers.

These are inspirational and memorable events that send a powerful message of encouragement to children and parents: if you enjoy doing something, and persevere at it, you can achieve great things!

Celebrate achievement

We recognise and reward the dedication and resilience of young learners


We welcome children to a place of learning and inspiration


Children, families and friends can all share in each learner's achievements


Setting the scene for positive future achievements

At a graduation

Families, friends, teachers, activity providers and Children’s University staff come together to celebrate children’s achievements.

At the ceremony, children hear inspiring stories from some of the people that are behind the programme before they collect their certificate on stage. The whole event is enjoyable and inspirational for everyone involved.

What do the children think?


"Thank you for the ceremony today, I am very proud of my certificate!"


"My favourite bit about Children's University is the graduation. I like that you told us all about some inspiring people - I thought they were lovely."


"I am looking forward to graduation because it will be really nice to remember because you get to feel really special"


"I liked flinging my hat in the air when we went outside - I was beaming from ear to ear and I could not wait to go for two days!"


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We at the University are delighted to be part of this fantastic initiative to foster a love of learning and raise the aspirations of young people from all backgrounds

Professor Sir Ian Diamond

Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Aberdeen