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What is Children's University Scotland?

Inspiring a love of learning beyond the classroom

What is Children's University Scotland?

An organisation that celebrates learning

We help children recognise and celebrate the voluntary learning that happens outside of school lesson time.

Learn With Us

We work with schools, learning providers and other organisations to give children aged 5 to 14 opportunities to take part in exciting, interactive and voluntary learning activities outside of school lesson time.


Children aged 5-14 who are members of Children's University Scotland collect credits when they participate in recognised learning activities. Children's commitment to learning and the skills children are developing beyond the classroom are recognised through a series of awards they earn as they log credits on our online platform, Aspire.

Children are encouraged to explore different learning environments as well as pursuing their own interests and talents, giving children opportunities to experience the joy of learning, and discover learning opportunities that improve their self-confidence and overall well-being.

Celebrating children's commitment to wider learning is an important part of our work. We bring together children, families and local university and college partners for Children's University celebration events, hosted close to and within local communities.

We want to raise aspirations, boost achievement and instill a love of learning that will stay with children throughout their lives.

Challenge of the Day #1

Challenge of the Day #1 - Every Drop Counts

Today’s theme is: World Meteorological Day!

World Meteorological Day is a day to think about issues relating to water and natural resources. Water is a precious resource: every drop counts! The UN says that the minimum amount of water a person needs every day is 4 litres. But how much water do we actually use in a normal day?

Your challenge is to measure ALL the water you use in a single day (tip: including drinks, washing hands, preparing food, brushing teeth, doing laundry etc.). Before you start, how much water do you think you’ll use? After 24 hours, work out the total amount of water used. How does it compare with your estimate? Finally, what can you do at home to make sure water isn't wasted?

If you're a CU member in Scotland, you can claim 1 credit for completing this activity. Head to Aspire and search for 'Challenge of the Day' to claim your credit.

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