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How you can help

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What we can achieve with your support

Children can only aspire to what they know exists. That aspiration drives learning and educational achievement. 

No matter where they live in Scotland, or what their social, cultural or financial background, every child should be supported to take advantage of the life and learning opportunities available to them.

We rely on the help of generous sponsors to make our vision a reality. There are over 2,500 schools in Scotland, but at the moment we are only able to reach a small portion of these. Your support will enable us to offer Children's University to more children and young people and enlist the help of new learning partners as we engage with an increasing number of schools across Scotland. 

For each child, our programme sends a powerful message of encouragement: that if you enjoy doing something, and if you work hard and persevere at it, then you can achieve great things.


It all starts with a conversation.

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