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Help Others

There's no better way to give back to the community than to lend a helping hand

Give a little help and get a lot in return!

You can learn a lot by doing things for other people. This type of learning might not be the same as the learning that you do in school subjects in the classroom, but sometimes it can be just as important!

Volunteer for a local charity, help out at your school's Children's University club, organise a litter pick or a bake sale, or help raise some money for a good cause. We'd love to give you a credit for it in your Passport to Learning!


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During Children's University I was involved with Cupcake Club, Athletics, Dance Club - but my favourite one was the Community Action group where we got to do lots of helpful things to make our school and community a better place. We helped in the school garden and volunteered to help the younger pupils at the school. It is really nice to put a lot of effort into things and get something back out of it!


Passport Holder, Glasgow


Raise some money for charity 

You could organise an event at school to help raise money for charity - why not set up a bake sale, charity auction, or get sponsored for taking up a challenge?


Become a Children's University Ambassador

At Children's University, older members of the school often help out as Children's University Ambassadors, helping the younger children to get involved in the scheme and learn what to do.


Clean up your community

You could join a beach clean or litter pick with one of our learning partners, be part of something amazing and collect a credit along the way.


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