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Can't find an activity?

If you are searching for a specific activity in Aspire but nothing is coming up, you can find help below.

Finding activities in Aspire

Is there an activity that you’d like to collect credits for, but that doesn’t appear in our activity search?

Usually, this is because the activity provider hasn't registered with us yet. We’d love for them to register so that you can collect credits for taking part!

In order to set this up, please invite the activity provider to register their activities with Children’s University Scotland.


Three ways to invite an activity provider

1. Share the invite link with them

Share this link with the activity provider to invite them to register, It will take them to our website, where they can find out about Children's University and then register their activities. You could share the link by email or social media. 


2. Pass them a Join Us card

Ask your school if they have any Join Us cards for activity providers. These little business cards are a great way to invite new activity providers to register. On the back of the card they'll find a link to the link to our registration page.


3. Give them our Welcome Pack so they can sign up with our paper form

Download this Welcome Pack, and pass it to the activity provider. They can fill in the paper version of our registration form, and send it back to us by post or by email.

Download here.

For activity providers that register with us, we take the following steps:

Online Form

The activity provider completes our online form, and this comes through to us at CUS HQ

Review the provider and their activities

We check to make sure that the activities are appropriate for CU, and that the provider is providing a safe space for learning

Confirm some details

We contact the provider to check a few final details and give them a chance to ask questions

We add the activities to Aspire

As long as we agree that activities match our criteria, then we can add them to Aspire so you can find them in our system

Why else might my activities be missing?

If you think the provider has already registered, but you still can't seem to find their activities in Aspire, then it might be because:

1. The organisation has registered, but CU Scotland hasn’t been able to add them to Aspire yet
The CU Scotland team contacts the provider once we’ve received their initial information through our online form. If they don’t meet our learning provider or activity criteria, we’ll let them know during this contact, and they won’t be added to Aspire at this time.

Please note that we can’t always reach providers who have submitted the online form to us straight away, and this can also cause a delay in adding the activity to Aspire.


2. The activity is created in Aspire, but the CU Scotland team need to review it
The CU Scotland team must review and confirm listings for any public activities that are added to Aspire. If you know you’ve added an activity to Aspire but you can’t find it again, please contact us.


3. The activity listing may be very old
If an activity has been on Aspire for a long time, we may become aware that the information listed is no longer current. In this case, we might hide the activity card until CU Scotland can update the provider and/or activity information on Aspire.