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Safeguarding Children

Safeguarding Children

Children and young people have the right to participate in learning free from abuse and exploitation, and have equal rights to protection from harm. Child abuse or neglect is when anyone under 18 years of age is being harmed or not being looked after properly. This abuse can be physical, sexual, emotional or neglect.


Children’s University Scotland is committed to safeguarding children and expect all who work with us to uphold their duty of care to children and young people who take part in learning activities. We must all demonstrate the highest standards of behaviour towards children and must not abuse the position of trust that comes with being part of the Children’s University Scotland network.

Child Safeguarding is the work we do to promote children’s wellbeing and protect them from harm - it is everyone’s responsibility and we need you to play your part too. We all have a responsibility to safeguard children in the following ways:

  • Be aware of the problem of child abuse and the risks to children;
  • Create a safe, secure environment for learning and minimise the risks to children through safe practice;
  • Make sure paid staff and volunteers are properly vetted in advance of any regulated work with children and young people (e.g. disclosure checks and enrolment in the PVG scheme) and are properly trained and supported to put the best interests of children first;
  • Be clear about the steps to take if concerns arise regarding the safety of children;
  • Listen to and take seriously the views and wishes of children;
  • Take appropriate and timely action to support and protect children from harm, including reporting concerns to the appropriate person/authorities;
  • Be supportive and work alongside other concerned adults to protect children, and cooperate, where necessary, with child protection processes and/or investigations.

Concerns about the safety of a child and/or the inappropriate behaviour towards a child of someone within your own organisation or Children’s University Scotland, should be reported immediately. 

It all starts with a conversation.

If you want to know more about our Child Safeguarding Policy then please get in touch.

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