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Celebrate British Science Week!

British Science Week is from the 8th to the 17th of March. There are lots of ways to get involved in science beyond the classroom!

This week is British Science Week, a ten day celebration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (sometimes called STEM), happening from the 8th to the 17th of March 2019.


STEM is all about being curious, asking questions and finding solutions to problems. There's a wide world of STEM and British Science Week aims to help children, schools and families discover and explore it! We've put together some of the ways you can get involved with British Science Week 2019. 


British Science Week Events 

You can find out about British Science Week events near you by going to: There are events in Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee and Edinburgh (they're all on Aspire - so remember to collect a credit if you've been to one!)


Free science themed activity sheet

British Science Week has produced a free activity pack you can do at home with your family. The activity pack is called 'Fun, Family Science' - and that's exactly what the games and activities inside will help you do! Learn about science while you have fun at home. It's all completely free - you can download the pack from this link:, or head to Aspire to download a copy of the sheet and collect a credit for taking part!


British Science Week Poster Competition with your school

Get creative and enter the British Science Association’s annual poster competition, on the theme of journeys. You'll need to enter with your school or youth group. Ask your school or youth group leader to visit this link: to find out how to get involved.

This year’s competition is being supported by Guinness World Records.  Your students can make their poster about anything involving journeys - but get your entries in quick, the competitions closes on the 5th of April 2019.

The five best posters from your school can be entered into our UK-wide competition with the chance for students to win an array of prizes including a special Guinness World Records prize – full details below.


Be a Citizen Scientist

British Science Week has teamed up with Operation Weather Rescue, and want you to help them with some real life science! During British Science Week, they are setting out to make a start on making 2.5 million pieces of data from the years 1860 – 1880 available online. This is a real problem for scientists who need to use data from the past for their research, the data needs to be made available digitally before scientists can use it to ask questions and find solutions to problems. You can help by first going to: Read the instructions and click 'Let's Go!' when you're ready. Follow the instructions on each screen to help scientists find the information they need  from the data. You'll be helping real scientists find out about our weather patterns, and it's completely free to take part!


Want more science activities?

Head to the Aspire activity search and in the 'categories' filter, choose 'Get Scientific'. You'll find a list of activities that involve some science - it might surprise you how many different types of activity fit this category!

(Having trouble searching Aspire or logging your credit? Click the link to our handy how-to video:

Tell us about science activities you've been doing

We'd love to hear about the science activities you've been taking part in! Have you tried any of the British Science Week activities? Or are you regulalry doing an activity at home that's all about Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths? Get in touch with us by email:, or get in touch with us via Twitter or Facebook to let us know. If your activity is not already on Aspire, we might even be able to add it so you can collect credits!